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Canadian Property Valuation Feature - Fall 2019

Posted Sep 21st, 2019

Arlene's Article

Diversifying a CRA practice for future success.

Given the shifting sands of the residential appraisal landscape (AVMs, AMCs, downward pressure on fees, etc), a growing number of CRAs are diversifying their practices in order to decrease their vulnerability to disruption by these external factors. We have seen individuals across the country move from 100% residential point-in-time work to a more varied mix of assignments, including machinery and equipment, reserve fund studies, property tax appeals, insurance appraisal, expropriation, building condition reports, and much more....

Arlene Blake, CRA, P.App, ASA is but one example of the hundreds of AIC-designated appraisers who are applying their rich and varied skill sets and expertise across a variety of assignment types. 

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